Walking the "Work Appropriate" Line

Derby Dress: Target
White T: GAP
Pink Belt: H&M
Blazer: New York & Company
Shoes: Aldo (HEART)
"Love is All You Need" Ring: Mod Cloth
Necklace: New York & Company
Leopard Shades: H&

Happy Hump Day! I shall celebrate with a lot of leg. You’re welcome.

(photos courtesy of Carolyn and her trusty iphone)

I've been wanting to wear this dress (I call it my 'Derby Dress) to work for awhile now (since the Derby) but have been somewhat hesitant due to it’s shortness (I’ve got some long gams) and lack of straps (cleavage!) So, because I tend to occasionally walk the line when it comes to this thing called ‘work-appropriate-wear," I decided the only way I could rock it, without a visit to HR, was to layer-under a nice white T. Unfortunately, due to the rate at which I do laundry, there were no white T's to be found in my closet, hence the very long and much anticipated (by, well…me) debut of the ‘work-appropriate’ Derby Dress! Bam.

Oh, another thing I love about this outfit - it can easily go from work-wear to night-wear just like that (snap)! Just run to the bathroom - pull off white T and use Blazer sparingly. Perfect for me tonight as I'll be headed to Greenpoint to see my best-good friend Jon Bozeman strum some tunes.

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