so, im finally seriously editing photos from our recent trip to the bahamas.  there are over a thousand images so its a big job that requires a generous intake of alcohol.  
in the meantime, here is one of  my favorites:

**  side note:  that dish down there was......just ok.


INGREDIENTS:  whole wheat pasta  I  brussel sprouts  I  fuji apples  I  gorgonzola cheese (iick!  i'm using feta)  I  pecans  (these bitches were $10 for a small pack so they're out)  

so, as of late i've been trying to cook both regularly and creatively for my handsome vegetarian WHILE eating little to no sugar and/or carbs (30g a day max)  which is why, if you follow me on pinterest, you'll notice that a few of my meal pins are veggie and cheese filled!   i made this bean salad last night that turned out to be super easy and super delicious.

above is what i've decided to make for tonight!  naturally, i pick a meal that the author recommends as a winter meal, as its super hearty and warm and the vegetables are in season.  pshaw is what i say.  if the super market carries them, they're in season.  i WISH i could be the guy who has the time and money to buy local, organic produce at the local farmers market.  trust.

anyway, its not winter, or even spring, my produce might be out of season,  AND its 90 degrees outside and i have no ac, but i'm gonna cook this sucker anyway.   maybe i'll chill it so its like....baked but served cold which might make it taste like leftovers or maybe not?  i dunno.  either way,  i'll let you know how it goes!


photos of what is becoming a regular morning habit at home in our little studio apartment**:  
chair, coffee, computer, chucks.   

**and by "studio" i mean chris' bedroom - as last thursday marked the official  beginning of our cohabitation!    for the time being we'll be living in his current apartment, with his two friends, until we find a place of our own.  in the meantime, this past weekend/week was spent hard at work reorganizing his stuff to include all of my stuff.   and i'll definitely say, i really have to commend the both of us [him] on our compromising skills.  we each really got down to it and forced ourselves to throw out a ton of [his] stuff in order to make the space both functional and mine.  i mean,  "ours."  

just kidding.  its a beautiful composition of the both of us.  we'll invite you over sometime for dinner and drinks..........after we get the hot plate and mini fridge.  


i met up with chris one night after work to drink & eat at one of our favorite tex/mex.  our meeting spot was grand army plaza.  this particular night the arch was lit up in purple and blue.  so pretty!!  

also, this coat was my grandmothers. i hear when they were young, all her kids pooled together to purchase it for either her birthday or christmas.  its gloriously vintage with an amazing fur collar.  and she gave it to ME!!!  what a beautiful heirloom, no?


so in april, chris and i went to a wedding in north carolina.  
the ceremony, while short and sweet, was quite beautiful and naturally very southern & hospitable. 
more pictures of that to come.  

in the meantime, this is what we looked like during the wedding:  


i hit a wave of inspiration today and decided to try out a little color revamp here:

image  //  image

as we all know, when inspiration hits (both before & after) pinterest is the place to head.  you can usually tell by looking at individual boards, the trends and styles people are naturally drawn to.  

THESE are the colors that were more prominent on my own boards!   shades of pink, orange, yellow and blue.  all hot colors right now.  all colors that look amazing together.   

i'll be messing around with it a bit more, but for now i'm digging these bright, fun colors on my sidebar.  yay!


since i've been mia for quite some time, 
and if you don't already follow me on the instagram or twitter,
here is a small-ish retrospective of my life during our time apart: //  spades & popcorn with the boyzos  //  
antonios pizza - best in bk!  //  always buy tourist 'brellas when rainy in nyc  //  
laundo sunday  //  doublefisting ice cream & coffee - summa!!  //
north carolina hydrangeas  //  bloody marys with my guy  //
wedding wear! rachel roy dress & asos mary janes  //  clouds via tin can that flies  //
fuchsia nails w/ orange tips & thrifted leopard dress  //  giant beers with the boyzos  //


i miss her so much!  but look how happy she is:  

for those of you who don't know (i.e. people who aren't like, my mom or sister or chris, etc):  back in april, i made the very tough decision to send bacall to my mom in california (thanks mom!).  at the time, each and every one of my life balls seemed to be up in the air and as one came down i'd drop it and it'd bounce and bounce and and then roll right under foot.  anyway, while bacall was being cared for here, i felt a nice, sunny, california vacation with her grandparents might be more fun.  boy was i right.  each time she and i skype i can tell just how happy she is.  

i'm just a bit worried that come august, that mother of mine will flee the country with my girl.  


applying for jobs.  looking for apartments.  moving out.  moving in.  making money.  

these things, while fun and exciting can be super stressful, no?  thats why it is absolutely necessary to wear red lipstick, big ol' shades and/or fur as often as possible.

when my brain is on overdrive, looking good and feeling fancy always helps to bring out the positive.

well, that and margaritas.   


{trench: gap  I  dress / sweater / wedges / tights: h&m  I  clutch:  coach/gift  I  bracelet:  gma}

yikes, apparently this outfit was brought to you by h&m.  i need to expand my horizons a bit. scratch that. i love h&m.  but actually, this post was brought to you by a lovely afternoon at turtle creek in dallas with chris, his little cousin lucas and bacall.  lucas played dog wrangler while chris snapped these beautiful pictures just before magic hour.  we hiked down the side of a cliff - and by cliff i mean hill - to the creek bed and stood on these giant boulders next to the bank.  we go to the ENDS for our art.  bam.  anyway, i'm not sure how long the "creek" is but they have small water falls that dump from a lake into the creek.  according to chris, if you were a boy (or tomboy) growing up in the area, you spent afternoons riding your bike in and around the creek bed.   those were the days.