INGREDIENTS:  whole wheat pasta  I  brussel sprouts  I  fuji apples  I  gorgonzola cheese (iick!  i'm using feta)  I  pecans  (these bitches were $10 for a small pack so they're out)  

so, as of late i've been trying to cook both regularly and creatively for my handsome vegetarian WHILE eating little to no sugar and/or carbs (30g a day max)  which is why, if you follow me on pinterest, you'll notice that a few of my meal pins are veggie and cheese filled!   i made this bean salad last night that turned out to be super easy and super delicious.

above is what i've decided to make for tonight!  naturally, i pick a meal that the author recommends as a winter meal, as its super hearty and warm and the vegetables are in season.  pshaw is what i say.  if the super market carries them, they're in season.  i WISH i could be the guy who has the time and money to buy local, organic produce at the local farmers market.  trust.

anyway, its not winter, or even spring, my produce might be out of season,  AND its 90 degrees outside and i have no ac, but i'm gonna cook this sucker anyway.   maybe i'll chill it so its like....baked but served cold which might make it taste like leftovers or maybe not?  i dunno.  either way,  i'll let you know how it goes!

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