photos of what is becoming a regular morning habit at home in our little studio apartment**:  
chair, coffee, computer, chucks.   

**and by "studio" i mean chris' bedroom - as last thursday marked the official  beginning of our cohabitation!    for the time being we'll be living in his current apartment, with his two friends, until we find a place of our own.  in the meantime, this past weekend/week was spent hard at work reorganizing his stuff to include all of my stuff.   and i'll definitely say, i really have to commend the both of us [him] on our compromising skills.  we each really got down to it and forced ourselves to throw out a ton of [his] stuff in order to make the space both functional and mine.  i mean,  "ours."  

just kidding.  its a beautiful composition of the both of us.  we'll invite you over sometime for dinner and drinks..........after we get the hot plate and mini fridge.  

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