Tues, July 27: Crossed & Processed

Dress:  Altered from Big D's Discount  I  Altered Jean Vest:  GAP  I  Saddle Shoes:  Bass  I 
Necklace:  Jenaveves  I  Shades:  H&M
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  :  Picnik Effect:  Cross Process
Location:  60th btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave

This post features another altered cheapie from Big D's.  Here we have a pretty yellow/floral smock with the sleeves removed (again, I know).  Also, because this piece was quite large, I pulled the front together and safety pinned it right under the boobs, which gives a fun, non-frump, effect. 

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of really loving this outfit today.  One, because spectator/saddle shoes are the isht and two, because this yellow color & pattern is just so pretty!   I woke up this morning needing yellow.  Even before I opened my eyes I saw yellow.  Maybe because I slept with my light on last night.  Or maybe because my mood yesterday was grey (hence no photos?)  Which is weird cause I WORE gray yesterday.  I also didn't wear shoes.  I tried swapping out one of the 10 pairs of shoes I have under my desk throughout the day to liven things up, but nuthin.  I even tried mismatching, which surprisingly didn't work either.  So I just gave up and wore barefeet and a scowl around the office.  But don't freak out or anything cause a) thankfully no one got hurt (exept maybe for the boy...sorry CWS, xo)  and  2) today I'm wearing this cheery yellow dress and some saddle shoes!  Rest easy.  All is well. 

(Almost.  Someone tell her she needs to gether nails did.  Like whoa.) 

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