Tues 8/10: Dyed Stripes Tie

Top:  Hanes Beefy T - Tie Dyed  I  Skirt, Belt:  NY & Co  I  Shoes:  Lulus  I  Assorted Jewels
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas  I  Picnik Effect:  Cross Processed (red)
Location:  Conference Room

So, my goal for Spring/Summer 2010 was to Tie-Dye everything I touched.  EVERYTHING.  If someone had asked me the age-old question:  "If you had a superpower what would it be?"  I would have proudly answered, hands-on-hips, "to have Finger Tips That Turned All I Touched Hippie Chic."  Can you picture how amazing that would have been?  Tops, skirts, and skin would go from dull colors and patterns to hardcore Phish/Grateful Dead bursts and soft, Ombre gloriousness.  Can't you just picture how fierce Bacall would look tie-dyed?  Sigh.  Unfortunately for the world,  I only made this shirt and one other.  My mind must have been wiped clean, Men In Black style, or something.  Usually I'm TOTALLY on top of like, following through with my ideas and not getting distracted......

OH!  What would my Superhero costume (uniform?) look like??  It'd definitely be designed AROUND these pants.  Am I right, or am I right?  Maybe someone should go grab Will Smith's taser.


Kelly Valentine said...

I love those shoes!

xxo Kelly
Glamourous Spirit

WolfandDeer said...

Thanks for the comment.
Hippie chic is the way to go!