Replace the Lace

Black Skinnies & Blazer:  NY&C  I  Chambray Top:  GAP  I  Polka Dot Blouse:  Gma  I  
Saddle Shoes:  Bass  I Rhinestone Bracelets:  Payless!

This was a successful "layered" look for me this morning.  I had seen a photo of of a chick who donned a similar blouse with tie under a chambray top a few months back and made a note.  It was a bit chilly out this morning so I threw on the blazer and was delighted with the completed look.  

And, I know, I know.   You're all wondering where my laces are.  Well, it's actually a funny story.   I went to the gym a few weeks back and didn't have a rubber band, so I pulled the laces out of one of these shoes and tied my hair up.  The work-out rocked, but unfortunately, true to form, I lost said lace.  See?  Funny.   Anyway,  instead of going to work barefoot - all my other shoes, of course, are under my desk at work - I  pulled the other lace out and rocked 'em lace-less.  And honestly, despite slipping twice due to a lack of support, I don't see a need to replace the lace.

Special shout-out to Bacall and Molly for co-starring in tonight's shoot.  Also, that's not a trend-setting white  hanky in my pocket.  It's a very fancy poop bag.

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