Skullies in School Yards

Leather Mini: Urban Jungle Thrift  I  Chambray Top, Tights & Shoes:  Target  I 
Sweater:  H&M  I  Mustard Skully:  Gift

Hey! There you are.  Where have you been?  It's been like, 3 weeks since you've made a post!  I pretty much gave up on you.   Just kidding.  I've actually been the one that's been MIA....sad face.  < insert lame excuse here>. 

Anyway - here we are again.  I'm updating from California as.we.speak!   Christmas was grand and family time has been swell.  I hope everyone had the same.

Re:  Ensemble:  New $10 leather mini making her first RLBH debut!  I love this baby.  The zipper in the back keeps sliding down, but DAMN, ten dollas for a real, live (not A-live), leather skirt?  Win.  AND this little mustard skully was a gift from Santa (thanks mama) and I'm loving the sweet Jesus out of it.  The color!


Tiffany said...

I love the leather skirt (can't wait to see it featured unobscured by a seated position and jacket!) and I am currently obsessed with all things mustard-colored so that hat is a WIN in my book.

Fancy Pants said...

Grrr! Re: hiding leather mini... I know, right? I'm so glad you said something. It's one of my goals for the new year - try to show at least one photo with the outfit in it's entirety. Who would have thought?

Happy New Year girl. Looking forward to following your 2011!