Know What I Mean?

Dress:  American Apparel  I  Chambray Top & Tights:  Target  I Boots:  DSW  I  
Necklace:  Kohls  I  Belt:  Found in Hall

So, besides all the fantastic inspiration and oohing and ahing that comes with following style blogs, my absolute favorite posts are the ones that tell you what’s going on behind, or UNDER, the scenes. Like, when you look at so-and-so and they’re looking supafly and you’re like, “ooh why didn’t I think of that”, or “dang, that looks hot”, and then you go on to read the post and find out that those turquoise tights are ACTUALLY sagging so far down their behinds that they waddled home from work?   Or the corduroys they were wearing made inappropriate squish-squash noises (ok that one was me).   Am I alone in this?   I find the willingness to be honest and silly makes a person that much more relatable.   Plus it’s always easier to laugh at someone when they laughed first.
OK, so here’s my version of THAT:   I’m wearing one of THESE  today (the KOHLS knock off version, anyway).   It’s definitely working its spandex magic and I’m all sucked in and no one can handle all this jelly.  However, would you believe me if I told you that all day this thing has been riding both up AND down?   At the same time?   Cause it is.   But it doesn’t stop there.   Noooo.   The dress is full of static, so as I’m trying to pull the top of the shaper up, back over my chest, and the bottom of it down, back over my booty, I’m also trying to shimmy and stretch the hem of the dress back down.   It’s a wonder I haven’t tripped and broken a tooth.  

Anyway, I borrowed my outfit today from Jentine of My Edit. The Idea of it anyway. 
See it here…
Somehow I don’t figure she was having the same issues as I am.

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