Faux Post

Black Skinnies:  NY&C  I  Camel Blazer:  Thrift  I  Pink Blouse:  GMA  I  Platforms:  Target

Happy Sunday!! (night)  Don't know about you, but I woke at 6:30 this morning and took a 4 mile run. THEN I got dressed up nice just like this and went to brunch with some amazing friends.  The weather was a lovely 65 degrees.   We drank mimosas and bloody Marys and talked about hip stuff and smart stuff and had a big fat blast.  And then I came home, had these amazing pictures taken (that came out of the camera just like this!) And watched 127 hours (and was not grossed out at all) instead of the super bowl.

Ok not really.  Not really.   We had to fast forward through most of that movie.  The flash backs and hallucinations were our favorite part.    Oh, and since we're being honest, it wasn't warm out today, I most certainly DID NOT run 4 miles and sadly didn't go to brunch with my amazing friends.  I DID however work all day at this photoshoot (stay tuned for THESE details. Big Fat Fun News) but got a few fun ones for myself.  Cha Ching.   

I'm just bummed I missed the puppy bowl.     

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