Envious Libraries & Dolly Parton Blouses

Black Dress: H&M  I  Tights, Necklace & Booties:  Target  I  Belt:  Diesel found in Hallway (SCORE)   I  Blouse BUY NOW

Happy Tuesday from my fingers and Happy Monday from my photos.  This was me last night...Monday night.  Spinning spinning spinning into my refrigerator.  That's it, right there to the right of the photos.   And if you look real hard past my polka-dotted gams, you'll see my library.  Yeup.  That's it right there.  I even have a mini ladder that you can climb to get to the top shelf.  You'll notice as you scan the titles, that I am of the intellectual sort - Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, Rue Paul - and that my expansive collection is one of great envy to smart people.  

Also, I don't know if you noticed that link up there, but if you like my pretty blouse, you can buy it now!   Shameless Promotion aside, isn't it pretty?!   I wish I could have taken daylight photos so you could see it in the sun.  The colors POP.   It's also kind of unfortunate that you can't see the front.  It has two fantastic panels and a sort of cinched waist that give any girl a certain....Dolly Parton...perk, if you will.  Your friends will always love you in this top.   

Ok, thats it.  Iloveyoubye.

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Melina said...

I adore that blouse! So chic. Also your tights are just darling. =]