Handsome Lady

{blazer: thrift  I  pants:  h&m  I  chambray & shoes: target  I  tie:  chris / jcrew  I   bracelet: gma}

these photos are actually from last week. or two weeks ago.  or maybe a month?  wait, what day is it today?  ok, well, even though i can't remember exactly when these were taken or why i never got around to posting them, i DO remember that they were taken BEFORE work.  i know.  i don't believe myself either.  up and ready before i had to start walking to the train?  never!  anyway, jenaveve had been up at the same time taking henry out - potty training - and offered to take pics.  if only every morning could be like that.  anyway.  this was a fun one.  ive always loved the menswear inspired look and chris' tie was just hangin there and HE always looks so handsome in a tie, so i thought, what the hay.  i wanna look handsome too.  what do you think?  would you let me open the door and pull out a chair for you? 

um, also, because i know deep down in my heart that you appreciate cute pictures of puppies, here are a few more photos of our pack.  i promise this won't turn into a dog blog - though i may or may not have added a  little link up at the top that says {puppy love}.  it compiles all posts where the puppies are pictured or mentioned...you know, just to keep things around here organized and tidy.  or something... 

bacall, henry and naya being cuter than hell:


Mitzi said...

Love the colour combo here, the blue tie looks great with the chambray shirt!
I kind of squealed a bit when I saw the picture of the puppies, and I love it that you have a spot to click for all the puppy pics ;)
Following you now!
M xo

islabell said...

i love your hair....and blazer, i've been looking for one like that for ages.

looking good lady


Tijana said...

Cuteeee <3