Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul

heeeeey! well, chris and i are back from our mini sexy vegas vacation where i’d like to say we won a bajillion dollars, got a swanky suite on the house in which to roll around in all that cash, plus a butler for being generally awesome at winning but unfortunately they were out of butlers. oh yeah, and CASH. the only thing i got out of that trip was really good at asking for and then losing chris’ money.

also, like the professional style blogger that i am, i naturally remembered to take pictures every day.   just kidding.   i was too drunk and high on losing for all that.   however, we did manage to squeeze one set in, as we got all dolled up to take ourselves out to a fancy dinner at the belagio dinner buffet.  turns out you have to set up tents the night before to get into that place.  the line was longer than top gun at six flags.  so we headed over to the poor mans buffet – the belagio café where we, or at least i,  had THE BEST cobb salad ever created by man.   take THAT popular buffet.  we didn’t want your seven 2nds of stupid lobster tails and crab legs and prime rib and puff pastries... 

anyway, these pictures are of us being fancy. i bought the dress thrift before i left and it’s a teeny bit small, but i loved the pattern, long sleeves and high neckline. i also managed to get a few of chris, cause he’s sexy and handsome and is the perfect amount arm candy.

 {dress, bag & belt:  thrift  I  heels:  target} 

not hitting jackpots aside we had a fantastic time lounging by the pool drinking $20 margaritas while trying to catch glimpses of boobs behind the trees shading the topless pool at caesars.  after vegas we flew to kentucky for a wedding where chris played best man.   i’ll get those pics up later.

sorry the pictures are kind of wonky.  margaritas prohibit brains from figuring out how to use cameras inside. 


Mitzi said...

Well don't you two look fancy! Sounds like you had fun in Vegas ;) Now I'm craving Cobb salad, haha!
M xo

Anonymous said...

You are so stunning! I just adore your hair! It may sound strange, but I never really think Vegas exists.. its just (from the way movies show it) so different from anything Ive ever experienced or seen in real life! One day il go there though and be blinded by all the shiny things! haha ., and loose all my dollars.

Have a nice easter! x