Worst Person Ever Wins Blogger Award

back in janury - the 28th to be exact - brenna of b(e) the fashion awarded me one of  7 stylish blogger award...awards to which i very graciously accepted but then took almost 4 months to pay forward.  wait, it still counts right? oh well, i'm taking this sucker and running.
{brenna.  hay!  betchya didn't think this would ever happen!  me either.  anyway, thanks again girl}
ok - award rules state that i must tell you 7 things about me you probably didn't but should know.. for like a happier healthier life or something fancy and useful like that, i don't know.  i also don't know if these have to/should relate to fashion so i made sure to add at least two sartorial unknowns, see #'s 2 and 6.

 lets begin, shall we?
1.  i wish drew barrymore was my best friend in real life.  shes so awesome.  stalker sigh...   {source}

1. i love bacall and would die if she ever broke up with me.

3.  i come from a racing family -  like, car racing and until recently my mama made her living manufacturing race car parts which means she totally knows more about cars than most men.  how is that not like THE coolest thing ever?   i on the other hand, take 30 minutes to find the lever to pop the hood. (ahem)  oh, but i know that words like birdcage and torsion bars DO in fact exist and ARE parts that go in race cars.   no seriously,  i'm serious.    { source }

  4.  i'd ALWAYS rather be camping.  always. 

5.  i'd always rather be eating mexican food.  always.  and a margarita.    {source}

6.  i wish i were better at incorporating beautiful headgear into my wardrobe.  hats, scarves, jewels, crowns...  { source }

7.  i was a serious athlete in high school.  3 sports, 4 years. lots of training, lots of balls.  i was in great shape and super coordinated.  now i wear heels and fall a lot.   i didn't even own a purse until AFTER high school.  no seriously.  i never wore make-up or painted my nails or blew out my hair.  oh, my hair - ALWAYS pulled back into a pony.  but DAMN if i didn't look good covered in bruises.  {that's my friend julia who is also hardcore despite what the arrows say.  she was the 2nd baseman to my 1st.  we rocked the right side}

okay, so now i'm supposed to shout out 7 other stylish gals.  eeek, this is hard as there are so many and some of these galz are totally well known, but still relatively new to me and hopefully you...until now, that is:

1. Coury, Fancy Tree House 
2. Mitzi, Atlantic Mermaid
3. Melina, .but i like it. - who just broke her foot so go show her some love
4. Whitney & Mallory, WhitWhatWear
5.  Feeona, Disappear Here
6.  Eva, eva.lu
7.  Monica, Ol' Dirty D.

yay!  i hope that was as fun for you as it was for me.


Kasia said...

Great blog.
Drew is amazing. Follow and hope you follow me back. Kisses


Melina said...

Heyo, softball!! Love all of these and thanks so much for the shout out. It's really sweet of you and your kindness for my stupid foot is greatly appreciated! =]

xx Melina