Little Bits & A Hot Mess

so, despite the fact that chris just got a super dope camera (holla), automatically making him my new official blog photographer (right babe?),  i won't be seeing him today between now and gym time so i thought i'd get today's look up via instagram snapshots.  

i love the way christine from my style pill occasionally does an outfit post in "bits and pieces".  
it is here that i will snatch that idea right up:

i broke into veve's room and stole this heart earring.  there is only one...  
also - note the jean vest, which was once a jean jacket - that i can't stop wearing...

{jean vest:  gap  I  skirt:  ny&c  I  top & heels:  target  I  belt:  thrift}
here we have an assortment of bracelets.  the rubber ones are from burning man last year...the black studded one is bacalls first collar (awww) and the beaded ones were strategically stolen from my sister 5 years ago before i moved to nyc. 
 i love this belt.  its faux suede and electric blue and goes with everything and was $2 and is awesome.

i did my nails today.  the plan was to do this but unfortunately, above is what happened...  
the dots were all over the place, some smudged, some too big, so i took a pin and swooshed the polish around, ultimately making it worse.

i don't know.  maybe it looks better?   like, in an abstract kind of way?  

ok, lets face it - its a hot mess.


Dresses for Dinner said...

Your blog got a make over and I love it! Having a photographer boyfriend is the best and I think your nails are BEAUTIFUL.

And yes, the Kat Von D lipstick is DRYYYY. My lips need some hydration. As for the dress, other bloggers and I have started a mail clothing swap...if you want to join! Just shoot me an email!

Ashlee said...

I love the way your nails turned out! If you didn't see that website (which I didn't), you would never know that you didn't mean to do that on purpose! Happy accident!

I BLEED PINK said...

I think your nails turned out really cute!!