i'd rather be wearing...

so you know how sometimes (or all times) or whenever, you’re on your computer,  or phone...or ipad if you’re my grandma...and you’re looking through your google reader or bloglovin or WHATEVER and you click on a blog you follow and wait for it to load and then BAM!   you gasp out loud and are like…goddamn you "so and so" for being so freaking awesome.  and then you’re a little jealous and a lot envious, but in a nice way – not a seven deadly sins way - and then you quickly pin it so you remember the color combo or style or whatever so when you get the chance you can try and be just as cool?  
THIS was one of those times for me.  
you all know and love her – erin from calivintage rocked the socks off of these hot pink pants and MUSTARD top.
who would have thought?!  so groovy.

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The Fashionista Next Door said...

haha... one word. AMEN!

Eboni Ife'