{skirt:  ann taylor outlet  I  heels & belt:  target  I  top:  thrift  I  assorted jewels}
i made chris snap these real quick with the iphone this am before the train came.  he was still in sort of a sleep-induced haze, but i made him put down all his stuff and take pictures of me anyway.   
you know how it is.  
it's just that i've been pretty good lately about going to the gym after work -
(whaaat?  yeah, i know, pumping iron and isht.) 
- which means vanity photos are less likely to be taken. 
again,  you know how it is.  
anyway - nothing too exciting here today - i just wanted to assure you that even though it's hot and gross, i'm still getting dressed. 

ps: don't judge me by my saggy belt.  as soon as i saw the photos i tightened that bizzle right up.

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Emma Robertson said...

You look lovely! love the red.