so you know how the other day i was saying that i was looking for ideas for a christmas card this year?  there are so many cute ideas out there, so it's been hard to choose.  last year bacall and i did some simple posing, but this year i'm trying to sweet talk chris into joining in the fun.  i've been compiling some ideas - and trying to think of something new (last image)  i tend to gravitate to silly ideas that are also flattering and sweet -cause...duh.  i'm hoping to hit up my bff / personal life photographer, matt to take them this weekend.  

here are some options i've been fishing through:

bacall and me, last year (2010)

and then you have everyones favorite :
and then of course, the so super sweet i need to brush my teeth, card (cue snow):

and then a fabulously goofy one.  my only reservation is that bacall might kill me if chris and i hold her upside down by her back legs because unfortunately for the rest of us bacall is selfish and won't make the sacrifice for a super awesome christmas card:  

ok and then a little sneak peak of an original idea that i came up with all by myself using the images above as inspiration.  the idea is that chris and i are to the left of the photo doing something weird/silly all wrapped up in garland or something while bacall is sitting pretty in a giant christmas package behind us.  

warning - you WILL be jealous of my photoshop skills but just remember, we are all gifted in our own ways:

what do you think?  do you do christmas cards?  any extra fun and silly ideas for me?

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Melina said...

Haha, I love your mock-up!! Mad photoshop skills right there. Your photos from last year are absolutely adorable, makes me wish I could do Christmas photos as well, but for some reason, posing with a cat is just kinda sad...

xx Melina