The Freakin Weekend

I had wanted to throw these into photoshop and start some filtering but got too impatient.  Lo siento lo siento lo siento.  Someday 'patience' will become part of my vocabulary.   Anyway, here are the photos from this weekend.  Saturday night (Bar 169)first, then Rockaway Beach at the bottom. 

How cute is B in this photo?

Top:  Re-worked mens Hanes
Skirt: New York & Co
Belt: H&M
Head Scarf:  Thirfted
Gloriously Large Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Strawberry

Saturday Day - Rockaway Beach:  Hot Hot Hot ,but crazy fun.  You know, I've noticed that you see more men in speedos on the East Coast than you do on the West.  I wonder what that means. 

(almost fell over here)

Top: 4 dollas from H&M
Shorts: New York & Co
Head Scarf: H&M
Flippy Floppies:  Old school Reefs that need to be tossed.
Sun Tan Lotion: Non existent.  Yikes
Shades: Matt's

What WHAT?!?!  I did it.  Check out those hops!
(My hands aren't real in this photo but shhh....)

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