Personal Style At Any Age

Headband: Strawberry Jam
Top: Target
Skirt: Strawberry Jam
Leggings: Strawberry Jam
Kicks: Payless
Necklace: Street Fair

Presenting the future of fashion!

This is Carolyn’s (my personal photographer) daughter Cristina. Cristina just turned 12 and has, I think, for a girl of her age, some super fun personal style. You can tell she is a product of her generation, but in a simple, quirky, NOT MILEY CYRUS, kind of way. She likes to play with colors, textures AND accessories, which is great. Personally, beside earrings, I shied away from accessories until very recently. I also, at Cris’ age, didn’t really have a confident sense of style, like she does. I wore a uniform until high school (that’s right boys, plaid skirt and all), but even on the weekends I could be found in either cut offs or overalls, you know, depending on the season. I had clothes, but was almost too afraid to put them together the way I saw them in my head for fear of you know, what people would think. Hey! Put away that violin until I'm done. Thankfully, I've moved past that (kind of) and here we are. Ok, commence symphony.

Anyway – here she is, in all of her 12-year-old, punk rock, stylish glory – Oh, and did you see how long this chicks hair is?

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