Taking Risks

White Top: Mens XL Hanes T - Neckline cut way down, sleeves tucked up under and knotted at the side/waist (8th grade style)
Black Skirt: H&M
Belt: Thrifted Floral  Head Scarf
Necklace: H&M
Wedges: Target
Zebra Ring: shop on 14th n 5th Ave, located next door to the gym I MUST go to tonight.
Bracelet: Bacall's collar
Leopard Shades: H&M

( I really love it when other people get shots of themselves doing this, but I'm not sure I've got it down yet. )

A bug flew into my mouth last night and was promtly swallowed. I'm feeling okay, but you never really know the effects that taking a risk like that will eventually have on your life.

In other news, I'm focusing on taking better photos. We have upgraded from the iphone (thank you trusty iphone, you were there taking photos of my outfits -for my mother- and Carolyn's children long before this blog even happened. You will be greatly missed) to our work camera (ahem) which is a large, fancy Canon. So, here on out, we will try different camera settings, different lighting (we took some earlier out on 58th & Lex and OH my GOD they were so bright you could see like....all the bad stuff) and maybe even some fun photoshop filters. A girl can always use a teeny bit of help.

Today: We took a trip to H&M - I got a $4 striped T - and had pizza for lunch.

Update: Tomato Basil pizza was delicious.

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