I Want My Geese to Lay Golden Eggs for Easter!

(don't let my angry face scare you.  I'm totally thinking of bunnies)

Top: Forever 21 via Jenaveve!
Pants: GAP
Pink Belt: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Mustard Pumps: SYMS - from Tommy Chilcoat
Bracelet: Bacall's collar
Digital Watch: Forever 21
Leopard Shades: H&M

(you can't tell in the photo above, but I'm totally showing you which way the beach is)

(you're welcome for this cheesily staged shot)

I almost killed for this top. Killed silently. I sent so many menacing mental text messages out into the ether, for this top. Kind of. Okay, not really. I did however, covet the hell out of it. Which is also bad, but whatever, right?

Anyway, cutting to the chase: So my BFF / roommate Jenaveve has the best taste in tops. She’s got a million of them (I have hardly any) and recently purchased this one from Forever 21. As soon as I saw it, the 4 year old in me wanted one too. Like right now. It was a pretty hardcore Veruca Salt moment. That top was my golden egg, and I also wanted a party. So, I immediately made a plan. Thursday was payday, (which is tomorrow, thank god) and as soon as lunchtime came I would run down to 14th street and kick ass through the store until it was mine.

Well, lucky for me, this top, this SMALL/PETITE top, didn’t fit Veve (who is also small and petite – but could totally kick your ass) fit me!!! I don’t know how, I’m a fracken large, maaaaybe a medium on a good day. It doesn’t make sense at all, but what the deuce, I’ll take it.

--this post/outfit is dedicated to Jenaveve.  And that ‘fracken’ was for her.

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