Left at the laundromat....sad day chunky.

I love the revolving closet/Polaroid photos/computer generated outfits scene in Clueless. You know the one. This shall be my version...What to maybe, maybe not wear in the future...

Sad Sad Day for Me:

Dress: Converse for Target
Boots: Aldo circa 1997 (gasp)
Current location of dress: Sadly Unknown. Someone swiped it from the Laundo while I was engrossed in a viewing of The Replacements on TBS. Coulda happened to anyone.

Work Appropriate? Mom says 'No"

Shorts (too short for the office?): New York & Company
Blazer: New York & Company
Black Tank: H&M
Mustard pumps: Jessica Simpson c/o SYMS

Thanks Gma! (excuse the kissy face)

Tank: H&M
Vest: H&M
Black Skirt: New York & Company
Necklace (!!!): From Grandma. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Digital Watch: Forever 21
Fuschia Belt: New York & Co

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