Tribal Print & Pearls?

Skirt: H&M
Top: H&M
Sandals: Strawberry
Pearls: Costume shop
(previously used for Bacall's 'french prostitute' costume)

Wow, I never knew what a cheap treasure-cove that store Strawberry was! Albeit completely overcrowded and stressful - I'm not very good at focusing when it comes to stores like that. I either focus too much and pour over each individual item for what seems like hours, or my eye has ADD and I move through the place like I move through a museum (at ludicrous speed). Anyway - love these mustard sandals. You can't see the deets but they're studded across the toe and around the ankle!

Point of the last shot on tipy toe, bust out? No idea, but my waist looks Scarlett O'Hara size so I don't care.

(All photos taken courtesy of Carolyn Bayas and her iphone)

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