Today is not Friday, is it.

Black Blouse: FREEEEEEE
Skinny Jeans: New York & Co
Heels: BCBJ – x-mas gift from my Big Daddy
Scarf: Thrifted
Bracelet: Bacall’s very first collar (awwww)
Moon Mood Ring: Duane Reade (hells yeah)

Elephant Ring: Forever 21
"Love is All You Need" Ring: Mod Cloth
Gigantic Chola Earrings: Payless
Bag: Carolyn’s – carried for photographic purposes
Leopard Shades: H&M

This is my favorite new Tufenkian design - Topo (no colorway name yet.) I need to get better at posing for these photos - better/more detail shots, facial expressions, preventing arm flabbage, etc etc.
So today, besides the fact that I couldn’t get myself up out of bed (I thought it was Friday, then realized it wasn’t –cue deep sigh – even though it was payday, which usually has me jumping up out of bed and running down to the deli to buy coke zero - oh yeah and dog food, dammit I forgot again) I also had a hard time deciding what to put on. After consulting with Bacall, I started with the black skinnies. Whenever I start with these jeans I’m automatically drawn to a black top. Maybe it’s living in New York, maybe it’s my inner beatnik, I don’t know. So I gave into the urge and threw on this black blouse (should I tell you it was on the floor?) and decided I’d go with these 5 INCH (!!!) heels that I had under my desk at work.
Ok, so it’s Spring, basically Summer. Who dresses in head to toe black? Unless I haven’t showered and don’t plan on wearing make-up, I’ll give up and wear all black. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to throw SOME kind of color and/or pattern in the mix. My choice for color? This sweet yellow with pinks and orange floral scarf! Perfect, no? I’ve been super into head scarves this year and this gives a perfect touch of flavor to the look. I tied it OVER my hair instead of under for a kind of a chic, bohemian, hippie look. Voila!

BTDubbs, did you HEAR Oprah gave her employees $10,000 and an Ipad? What up with that?

(Thank you Carolyn, her iphone and 55th & 3rd Ave)

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