EWR -----> DFW

Skirt: Forever 21
Blouse:  FREEEEE!
Swallow Necklace: Modcloth
Head Scarf: H&M
Sandals: Strawberry
Brecelet:  Bacall's Collar
Love Is All You Need Ring:  Modcloth
Mood Moon Ring: Duane Reade (booyah)
Digital Watch:  Forever 21
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas
Location: 55th & 2nd Ave sitting area


Happy Friday! Well for me anyway… I’m leaving on a jet plane TONIGHT bound for Texas (hence the book/prop – which I’ve been asked to peruse through – on the plane CWS, I swear!) Anyway, this is my ‘Texas Travel’ outfit…

Speaking of ‘Travel Outfits’ – 2 things.

1. I WAS going to do a post on what I was going to pack, a la Jessica Shroeder’s ‘Vacation Packing’ post on her blog, What I Wore (heart). I’m always so curious as to what people are thinking when they pack for short trips. How do they bust out 8 flawless looks from a bag that weighs less than 5 lbs? However, when it came time for ME to start organizing and mentally dressing my future self, I completely stressed out and just threw all the clothes that were on my floor into my bag. Typical. Ok, so I’ve just decided, as punishment for failing, I MUST photograph every wakadoo, dog hair covered, outfit I come up with over the next 5 days.   Challenge Accepted.  I think.

2. I wish people dressed up to fly. I mean, not DRESSED UP like Glamour Jet/ Airplane Barbie, but you know, the opposite of “Juicy on the butt” sweatpants. Maybe it’s the romantic in me, I don’t know. I mean, I dressed this morning for work AND the flight. You can still be comfortable and look nice. Take this skirt. The color is vibrant and it’s so pretty and comfortable and stretchy. The blouse is the same and these super cute sandals can slip off easily during the flight. OH, and the bandana, I wore THIS so that when I have too many cocktails on the flight, I can just slide it right down over my eyes to double as a sleeping mask.

So yeah, look nice for a flight! I’m not saying heels and pantyhose, but you know, style. Oh yeah, I also wish you could still smoke on planes, but that might be a different story.


rk hall said...

Never thought of a headband turning into an eye mask. Very clever. Love your flight attire!

xx rk

Fancy Pants said...

Thanks Rachel, and congrats on your "The Hot District" shoutout!