Tues, July 6: Cheap Storage Studios

Shoes:  Target
Jewelery:  A very generous gift from a very stylish friend
Photos:  Matthew Chaves
Location:  Cheap Storage Studios / Matt’s new digs

So I’m going to have to break my own knee caps. I’m going to have to hire Rocky Balboa (when he was breakin’ legs for that sleazy loan shark guy...before Apollo Creed makes him a somebody) himself to take me out. OK, its not as serious as all that, but I said I would take pics in Texas, and I didn’t. Fail. I did however, actually manage to put some cute things together that I will re-wear and take pics of. I’m also bummed because there were so many lovely spots to stand akwardly in front of and take photos, in Dallas. Parks, rivers, ginormous houses, etc. Definitely blog worthy. Anyway, Look for the re-worn Texas outfits in the next few days. I’ll shout them out.

So, besides eating a disgusting amount of delicious Tex-Mex and hanging out with some exceptional people, I hit up both a Target AND Banana Republic Sale while in Dallas. Don’t know about you, but I only WISH I could shop BR on a normal Wednesday. Well, the Gods were looking down on us this weekend and I found this great basic black skirt ($13) and sweet blouse ($20), in addition to some other fun finds. Love.

I also want to shout out today’s mini photo shoot. The pictures were taken by my 2nd boyfriend (that’s right, I have two) Matt, who is a brilliant friend, photographer and potato salad maker. Right now, he’s in the middle of renovating his new gigantic loft space. I went over there after work yesterday to poke around and get in the way and was able to get him to take my blog photos. I didn’t have to flash him or anything! Heat exhaustion for sure. Anyway, none of these photos have been retouched – the lighting is all natural from his gigantic, wall to wall warehouse windows. Lucky bastard.

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