Dress: American Eagle I Belt: NY&Co I Wedges: Steve Madden
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  :  Picnik Effect:  A mess!
Location:  55th btwn 2nd N 3rd
Gilttery gold background with hot pink polka dots!  Word.
Is it just me or do I look like I have vampire skin in this photo?
Don't know why but I CAN'T get this photo turned.  I've saved and re-saved it.  I refuse to let that keep me from posting it.  So there.

So unfortunately when Tom and I went out to take these photos it had just hit 5:30 and the building cast a large shadow that made all my pictures super dark. I thought if I put them in the editor, bumped up the exposure and threw a picnic effect in it'd all be ok, but this is what happened.  Sorry.   Is that the way I should have done it? I wish I knew the first...or second...thing (aside from click and zoom) about picture taking. 

Anyway – re: this dress. I wore the isht out of it about 2 years ago and then retired it to the ‘alter’ pile. I was planning on reconstructing it into a pencil skirt. However, when it came time to get dressed today, I was totally uninspired by my wardrobe (read: still haven’t picked up laundry). As I was walking around my apartment in a huff trying to figure out what to wear, I spotted the hem of this dress in a pile by my sewing machine. I pulled it out, tried it on and have officially decided we’re dating again. Wish us luck.

Not sure why a) I did this or b) I am sharing,  but this is me doing the robot.  Or some variation of the robot. 

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Anonymous said...

I think there should be more photos of your dancing. You know you've got the moves! Break it down!