Happy Birthday Sarita Chiquita Bonita!

Happy 28th Birthday to my seeeter Sara!

Here’s to all the:
 mess making
hair cutting
loud screaming
Barbie playing
Target shopping
rock skipping
tv watching
hoop shooting
_ _ _ _ _ _ -ing
bar 'flying'
cabin going
ball catching
shot taking
car driving
song singing
pepper playing
prank calling
beer drinking
FUN we’ve had over the last 28 years. 

Breezy, you're the 'isht and my best friend and I love ya like we love dem avocados.


Fashion Butter said...

Awww, happy bday to her! Such a cute set of pics you put together. Makes me miss my sister - I am seeing her soon!


Fancy Pants said...

Thanks! She's cute right? One of the best around. Hope you have fun with your sistah!


Bridget said...

Love that song and movie! And those pics are so fun. =D