Wed, August 4th: Skirt Nubbin

Skirt:  NY&Co  I  Top:  H&M  I  Shoes:  Payless  I  Belt:  Street Vendor  I  Assorted jewels 
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas  I  Picnik Effect:  Cross Process (obvi)
Location:  58th & 3rd Ave

Unrelated to this post:  I have California Girls STUCK in my head.  Stuck like molasses.  Stuck like...the bubble gum that is stuck to my skirt.  Seriously.  Sat on it on the train this am.  Grrrrr.  Back to Katy Perry.  Some guy was bumpin CG on the radio as we were snapping these photos today.  Is it in yours now too?  You're very welcome! 

Anyway.  You like my skirt nubbin?  That's that little knot on the right.  Though 90% of the time I alter my clothes on the run (safety pin, #1 fan) I jacked THIS little trick from the gal over at My Edit.  Brilliant right?  Who knew one little knot could turn this drab, hardly ever worn, close to being donated, a-bit-too-short (long legs here) skirt into a piece I wanna rework again!   Booyah.

Moving up. More braids today! As you know the braid is HOT right now. I'm all about the single side-hanging braid. I've also done Heidi braids before, which I love. A certain coworker, however, likes cracking Swedish masseuse / St. Paulie’s girl jokes my way, but he'll get his.  All in good time.

Anyway, I rocked the side braid/bun for the first time yesterday and it felt ok. I still need some practice, but it's fun and different. My sister (what up breezy!) and I were actually having a conversation yesterday morning over the phone/coffee about livening up our heads. If you're anything like me, while at work your hair never stays put. One minute its down, then up, then half up, then to the side, etc. etc. My hair is usually hoisted up by 7 or 8 pencils in various styles throughout the day (previously mentioned coworker has a field day with this too.)  Once I even used a butterfly clip...which was actually, incredibly uncomfortable.

In the end, a fun, colorful scarf will do the trick everytime.   Unfortunately, mine usually just flies free. Unbrushed, of course. But if you think about it, ubrushed hair = texture. Ah. Finally found a valid excuse. Anyway - here I am, trying to make an effort.

...daisy dukes bikini on top...

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Fashion Butter said...

Love the knot! So clever.