In My Room

So this is my room.  Well, more specifically, this is my inspiration / jewel / vanity wall.  I face this wall when I sleep.  As you can kind of see, I've covered it with pretty photos layered under my necklaces and earrings. 

I thought at first this would be a fine way to keep my earrings and necklaces visible so I could easily asses my outfits (and to keep my necklaces from getting crazy knotted up together.) Unfortunately, 8 times out of 10 they're strewn about my vanity and totally jangled up together.  

Anyway, I find this method of organization, or lack there of, to be a fun and colorful way to display earrings and necklaces.  Plus it looks pretty.  I also recently recieved a grip of jewels, some from my guys mom and some from a woman at work, so it's a little beefier than it once was.  Lucky girl!  

I had also wanted to take photos of my closets (I have two of those IKEA jammies) but my mother would kill me if I took photos of what it looked like right now.

X to the O

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