Thurs, 8/12: Pegged Pantalones

Top:  H&M  I  Pants:  GAP  I  Shoes:  Aldo  I  Necklace:  H&M  :  Belt:  NY&Co
Photos: Tommy Chilcoat  I  Picnik Effect:  Cross Processed :)
Location:  Conference Room

This outfit was a tricky one.  Unfortunately, as much as I love these pants, sometimes they aren't too flattering from "certain angles."   So, to cover said "angle," I probably wore this shirt 25 different ways throughout the day:  1) top completely tucked, belt riding low;  2) top half tucked in, half tucked out, belt riding low over top; 3) top completely out, belt riding low over top; 4) top completely out, belt high around waist, etc, etc, etc.  It was exhausting!  The pictures from above were taken at the end of the day and show my last attempt at working with this outfit before going home to change into cutoffs and flip flops.  Sigh.  I think this last attempt worked out okay.

Note re: these pants:  They're actually SUPER wide legged and cropped.  However, because I was in such a rush this morning, I didn't realize how wrinkled the gigantic, super wide, hems were until I noticed an elderly woman on the train looking at them with extreme disappointment.  Ahh!  So, as soon as I got to work I pegged the suckers up and actually, think they look better.  Thanks old girl.

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Carmen said...

you look very nice!
nice outfit! and also a nice blog
take a look at mine and maybe we can become blogfriends :)