Fri, 8/13: High Heels & Hoboken

Dress:  H&M  I  Blazer:  NY&Co  I  Belt:  Found  I  Shoes:  Aldo  I  
Necklace:  Gift from Carolyn!
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas  I  Picnik Effect:  Cross Processed
Location:  Hoboken Waterfront

So there's a good news and bad news regarding these photos/this post.  The good news is that I had a fantastic dinner at The Melting Pot in Hoboken with my besties, thereby having the opportunity to take photos with the pretty-city as a backdrop.  

And then the bad news:  The dinner was an intimate going away party for el jefe, Barbara.  Unlike most, I have a pretty unique work situation in that a) I work with two of my best friends (you know them as my personal photographers, Carolyn and Tom) and b) I have, kind of an amazing boss.  Not only is she crazy smart and knows her shit, but she totally rocks it as a woman in the industry.  Lucky me, having the opportunity to suck in all that knowledge, right?  Yeah, I think so too.

Anyway, the four of us made a pit stop to coo over Barbara's cute chuchi baby boy Nathaniel, and then spent some hilarious hours reminiscing the past four years over wine and too much fondue.   Here we all are.  

xoxo Barbara!  We'll miss you like, whoa.  

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Melrose said...

your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! and those shots with the skyline are beautiful!