Mon, 8/16: Falling, Falling, Falling

Skirt: BCBG Max Azria  :  Top:  H&M  I  Shoes:  Aldo  I  Assorted Jewels  I  Belt:  NY&Co
Photos:  Mingyur Tsering  :  Picnik Effect:  Faded Daguerrotype & Polaroid
Location:  Conference Room
Dang!  We gotta get outta the conference room and back into nature!!   Or, this urban jungle that subsititues as nature for us city folk.  It's just been so hectic around here that by the time we resurface for photos it's already 5pm and we only have time to run back to the conference room for snap, snap.   Ah well.  All in good time. 

Also, you can't really tell from these photos, (maybe in the last one there, left side) but I burned my shoulder with the curling iron the other morning.  Everyone is finding the welt super sexy.   You know what else people are attracted to?  Girls who fall a lot.  My dance card is FULL of names of people wanting to show me a good time after having seen me fall one of the two times my bum met floor in the last week. 



Hahaha - I have so many curling iron burns, it is not funny. My favorite is the one on my side of my knee!?

Melrose said...

haha i have one on my leg! how do these things happen??? anyhoo, your blouse is super cute! What photo editing software do you use? I'm photoshop challenged lol.

Fancy Pants said...

I know. Ironed and dangerous!! Legs, arms, fingers! Definitely though, the worst are forehead wounds. That''s when bangs are born. haha!

I use, because I too, am photoshop challenged. Picnik is amazing. You can either use their filters, or create your own! Good Luck!

Elle Sees said...

wish i could wear longer skirts...make me look shorter!