Tues, 8/16: Magic Skirt, Look 1/25

Tank: Target I Magic Skirt: SOHO : Assorted Jewels

Photos: Jon Bozeman : Picnik Effect: Cross Process
Location: McKibbs

I'm super bummed I'm not smiling in ANY of these photos.  Even the ones that didn't make the picnik cut had no teeth.  Dang.  It's too bad because this outfit/skirt was SO smile worthy.  It' so pretty and shiny and  flowy and green.  I was spinning all day in bare feet, smile on face.   So yeah, it's too bad these pictures don't depict my true feelings towards today's outfit. 

Fun fact about this skirt:  It's one of those magic "you can wear me 176 different ways" skirt!" that I bought in SOHO about 4 years ago.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to successfully make 176 different looks from this skirt.  It gets kind of frustrating.  Seriously, the instructions are like an IKEA manual.  Plus, it's somewhat see through,  so when you take the two layers apart to make half of the looks, the whole world gets a glimpse of your She-Ra chonies, or lack there of, YIKES!   Oh well, I'm happy with the 4 designs I've been able to tie it into .  And by 4 I actually mean 2 'cause the thing is reversible.   I wonder how I would fare if I challenged myself to wear this skirt at least 25 different ways.  25 different ways that I would actually leave the house in.  Hmmm.  Challenge Accepted?