Wed, 8/18: Chambray Bridges

Skirt:  NY&Co  I  Tank:  Target  I  Chambray Top:  GAP  I  Pumps:  H&M  I  Assorted Jewels
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  I  Picnik Effect:  CP, Polaroid, Faded D
Location: 57th & Sutton Place Park

Tom and I walked over to the park on 57th & Sutton Place today for these pitchas.   The bridge looks nice, yeah?   Tom, what bridge is that?    "Oh my god Katie, the 59th St/Queensboro Bridge," he responded, rolling his eyes.  I forget I'm supposed to know these things... 

Also, I should have worn a belt today.  I hate when that happens.  It it seems to happen frequently, where I'm in the bathroom at working doing my morning makeup application and realize I've forgotten/or should have added a few more elements to the getup.  THIS is why I need to find out how people get up early enough to give themselves time to dress.  I know a lot of people probably pick clothing the night before, but eh.  I'm usually engaging in PBR to mouth activities right before bed.  Oh well. 


Melrose said...

those shoes + that skirt = true parisienne chic!
... and i kinda want to steal your glasses!


You look fab and I am kind of obsessed with those glasses!

Bridget said...

great shoes

Jess said...

you look good in the pics :)
this blog is so lovely.

Jess from Taiwan.