Sun, 9/12: MIA

aTrue to form I forgot to post that I was leaving my station here on RL&BH for a two week vacation.  I also forgot to put an away message on my work email and voicemail, so at least I remain consistent.

That being said,  here is a quick rundown of an amaaaaazing two weeks.   It all started with the long flight from NYC ----> SFO.  Bacall and I were swooped up by my sister and headed up to our family property in Truckee, CA.  We have 300+ acres  in the mountains near Lake Tahoe, purchased over a hundred years, ago by my great, great, great, greats for a sack of gold totaling $100.   The cabin was built in the 50's and boasts no electricity, a wood burning stove and a glorious over-sized fireplace.  We spent 11 days with family,  friends,  a mountain lion, a pack of coyotes and a bear and her cubs, hanging out drinking Coors Light, fishing, hiking, swimming, playing cards, off-roading, and relaxing. 

Photos: Top Left: Miss Bacall, tired on the deck.  Myself, learning to fly fish on the Little Truckee river that runs through the property.  Myself shootin cans with a BB gun from the deck (fyi - that wound on my left ankle was a present from a Horseshoe stake.  My middle name should have been Grace.  The view of the meadow from the deck.

The second half of the trip was spent "at Home" in the desert for that infamous festival they call Burning Man.  It was my first time and words can't even begin to describe how incredible the experience was.  We resided at 9:20 & E with Matt's homies from college, at Camp Dude Fucking Hell Yeah.   The trip isn't for everyone, but if you have ANY interest at all I seriously recommend visiting the website, plan your trip, prepare like mad for it and drop balls and just go.  Seriously.  The art is amazing, the fashion is forward, not to mention completely FREEING, the desert is spiritual and the people and lights and music and vibe are just....magic.  DEEP SIGH.  All I want to do is bombard you with photos, but I'll settle for just two:

The man burns ,,,,, )'(,,,,,

 My besties & the NY crew: Jon, Myself, Matt and Jenaveve, after the looooong drive home. 

I apologize for the extreme lack of posts.  We now return to normal programming.


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