Fri, 8/20: Tribal in the Park

Dress: NY&C  I  Belt:  Street Vendor  I  Vest:  Altered GAP Jean Jacket  I  Sandals:  Strawberry  I  Necklace:  Veve  I  Assorted Jewels
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  I  Picnik Effect:  Over Exposed & Enhanced Shadows
Location:  Central Park

Obviously, we are far past August 20th, so I'm sorry if this post made you glance secondly at your calendar.   I had planned on being proactive and posting this before I left, but...

So, these were taken in Central Park in the lawn / rock / pond area behind the Plaza.  Tom and I climbed up these gigantic rocks for these photos which came out quite nice.  I loved the belt with this dress, but now that I look back at the photos think I wore it a bit too low.  Kind of looks like a fanny pack, no?  The last I heard, fanny packs were only to be worn with man tanks, black socks and neon shorts.  Ah well.  Breakin rules.   

Unimportant side story:  While I was working hard spinning, posing and almost falling off the big rock, a gigantic homeless man slowly made his way up the rock to watch us work.  He called me Hollywood and handed me a piece of trash.  I'm so sad we didn't get a photo of him or the art he gifted me.   Fail.


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