Tues, 9/14: Scarfed!

White Blouse:  H&M  I  Skirt:  NY&C  I  Boots:  Nine West/Beacons Closet  I  
Scarf:  Gifted  I  Assorted Jewels
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas and her iphone  I  Picnik Effect:  Polaroid
Location:  Conference Room

Heeyo,  fingers crossed, but I think we might be back on track.  I'll spare you the sob story as to why I've been slacking and just start on in with:  I LOVE THIS SCARF.  I mean, I've always loved this scarf,  but I think it's more that I love wearing this scarf in the above fashion.  To be honest, I straight-up jacked the idea from Kendi.   She's brilliant, right?  Tie scarf around neck and throw belt on over it.  What a great idea.  The whole concept adds such a fun, unique layer to any outfit.  Yes,  I think I can't wait to pair this with all sorts of ensembles.  Yum.  
Also, in case you were about to ask, yes, these boots hurt like hell.  Beacons Closet, thank you for selling them to me at the perfect price of $25, but damn!  Honestly, I feel I'm pretty adept at walking  like a normal person in heels, but these jammies make me teeter-totter all over the place.   It's quite dangerous and I might need to wear a sign on my back that says something like..."please don't yell Timber," or "Keep at least 6 feet away in all directions."  

Okay CWS, I'm all yours...answer your phone.

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Melrose said...

love the craziness of the scarf with the simplicity of the rest of your outfit!