Fri, 9/17: Belated

Faux Leatha Leggings:  Romeo & Juliet  I  Saddle Shoes: Bass via Bloomies  I  Gray Top:  H&M  I  White Oxford:  H&M  I  Stripey Sweater:  Borrowed from Boy  I  Assorted Jewels
Photos:  Carolyn Bayas  I  Picnik Effect:  High Exposure
Location:  Tufenkian

The next few posts are from last and earlier this week.  I have so many folders piling up in my computer still in need of a good edit and post that they're starting to resemble the clothes piled up on my bed and floor.

What to say about this outfit.  Well, it was Friday so I didn't care all that much, which isn't usually the case, but I just HAD to sleep in.  Also, I'm not one to condone leggings as pants, but look at me now!  Yikes.  I should also admit that I wore these the day before as part of, what I thought was, a sleeker ensemble.  Same bottoms, strappy wedges, long top and black blazer.  It was super put together and lookin sharp, and of course, I have no photographic evidence.   Oh well. 

And again, I dig saddle shoes.   El Fin.

xoxo,  katie

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Rosie said...

Love the saddle shoes worn with leggings.