Tues, 9/28: Fashionable Weather

Sweater:   Lanvin - from Matt  I  Skirt (dress):  H&M  I  Belt:  Diesel  I  Boots:  Nine West via Beacons  I  Necklace:  Borrowed from Jenaveve  I  Digital Watch:  Forever 21  I  Fancy Watch:  Alessi
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  I  Picnik Effect: Velvia
Location:  Outside

Why do I always assume that just because it's raining it's going to be chilly?  For instance, today was rainy but pretty humid.  And then of course, there was a slight breeze that blew my skirt up every 30 seconds.  So, sweater (that has to stay on) and full (not wind-proof) skirt.  Dang.  I'm ALWAYS dressed for weather that isn't real.  When it's hot I'm in long sleeves and tights, when it's cold/snowing, I'm in flip-flops and no tights. Fashion martyr or ditz?  Thoughts? 
Anyway 2 stories about today, sorry if this gets winded:

1. I love this Lanvin sweater. When Matt gave it to me awhile back, I said, yeah sure, why not? I'll take it. To which, he was like, "yeah, sure? YEAH, SURE?" Girl this is Lanvin and will be the softest, most comfortable, most versatile sweater you will ever own. Do I even need to tell you he was right? I've worn this thing with pants and heels. Shorts and flats. Skirts and boots. I've even worn it with my baggies, huarache sandals too. Not to mention a bushy, bushy, blond hair-do. So yeah, Ver-sa-tile. And soft. and LANVIN. Duh.

2. While taking photos the crotchety building guy that sits at the front desk yelling at people all day came running out screaming that we couldn’t take photos on the plaza as it was private property and that we had to IMMEDIATELY move to the sidewalk. Which was about 5 feet to my left (or right, depending on the pose, of course) Whaaaa???? “ But we work in the building” I replied. Apparently, it didn’t matter. According to him, until the first Amendment “kicks-in” Tom was not allowed to take my photo the property.

3. I win first prize for longest run-on sentence.  High Five!

I’m still confused.
xoxo, Katie


Fashion Butter said...

Shit, that sweater even looks so very soft. I want it! This whole outfit, actually.

Abi said...

You look lovely Katie! The cardi looks so cozy and soft. Love your belt!