Tues. 10/19: Stoplight Skirt

Skirt, Polka Dot Blouse & Gold Chains:  Gma  I  Sweater:  Novio  I  Spectator Heels:  Zara
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat  I  Picnik Effect:  Cross Process & Faded D.

The mixing and matching of patterns is so hot right now.  I've literally thrown myself at, or more like "into," this trend.   The different patterns in the black and greys flow so perfectly with this Bright. Red. Skirt.   Talk about a statement maker!  People on the street were stopping in front of me waiting for the skirt to turn green.

Speaking of this skirt.  This is just one of many from my Grandmother.  She had one in every color;  red, kelly green, white, navy, grey,  plaid!  You name it, she had it.  They're a cotton blend, but up close, look like Tyvek!!   I can't wait to work them in with all different styles of tops and sweaters.   This red is going to look smashing with leopard. 

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