Skirt: H&M I Mustard Sweater, Tights, Zebra Belt and Leatherette: Target I Heels: Payless

Sorry for the scary dog eyes in these photos AND you're welcome for the gem of a photo above. 
It looks so real right?  I seem to be all twisted up and falling in the leashes, even though both dogs are at a stand still.   Unfortunately, in the life of me, something like this could actually happen. 
I've been told quite a few times, in my day, to "watch out for that painted line." 
Ah well, at least people get a good chuckle.

My garb was pretty seasonal today, or very "Autumnal" as I like to say.
Not sure "autumnal" is even word, but I like it.  The brown leatherette with the mustard sweater... "autumnal."   Add to it, the zebra print belt for a dash of trend.   Not sure if you’ve heard, but animal print is hot right now.   Like everywhere. You’re living in a cave if you haven’t seen a chicky walking around in some form of leopard coat or wedge.   Lucky bitches.   I’ve yet to find my perfect leopard.
Hot Tip!
 Pair YOUR zebra or leopard print with any "autumnal" piece and
you'll look like you walked right out of this months
hottest "autumnal" editorial spread.

Update:  So my initial intention was to say "autumnal" enough times for you to consider it a real word, but now it's starting to look as preposterous as it sounds.   I've since found out that "Autumnal" IS, in fact, a real word, but unfortunately, now I’ve ruined it for myself.

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Tiffany said...

i love your autumnal ensemble (and I love using the word much more than springy or wintery). Also, the hot tip is much appreciated. And, the jacket is HOT. And I thought the tangled up picture was candid. Props.