Back to School

Blue Skinnies:  NY&C  I  Flannel Blouse:  Rue La La  I 
Green Cardigan  Gma (was her school sweater!)  I  Socks:  H&M  I  Clogs:  Payless

Special shout out to my bitchin' sister Sara for taking photos while I was home.
And, these were taken with one of those fancy "smart phones." Sadly, I still have a "dumb phone" (as my friend Diana calls the non-iPhone.)  Anyway, as always, the quality was impressive. Even in the rain, see above picture.     

RE: outfit. I was so lovin’ this look. I had received the green cardigan from Grandmas “pod” (another story for another time) the day before and knew it had to be worn, ASAP.
Given that it was from one of her uniforms back in the day, I decided to let that fun fact set the theme of the outfit; 1930/40’s, high school, kickin’ around on the weekend
I saw it immediately, dark blue denim rolled up at the ankle and little white socks!   Ideal. The flannel and heels were a perfect combo to make the look a bit more modern.  
Now, imagine my feet in saddle shoes,  hair in pin curls, glass bottle of coca cola in my hand and the photo in black and white.   Throw back!

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