Tank:  Duane Reade  I  Skirt:  Maxi DRESS pushed down, NY&C  I  Shoes:  ?? 
Sweater:  H&M  :  Beret:  Century 21  I  Jewels:  Grandma

I'm loving the trend of super long maxi skirts.  I know that SOUNDS redundant, super long & maxi, but it's not.  These skirts are LONG.  Like, hold up your hem so you don't trip, long.  Which is why all these photos look like I have no feet.  Anyway, in addition to pretending like I was floating all day, people were stunned at how much taller I seemed to be.  Taller, of course, than my normal 5'9".  In addition to the super long skirt tricking your eye, making me look taller, I was GIGANTOR size with my 5 inch boots on.  I should have had someone stand next to me in a photo so you could see just how ridiculous it was.

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cintia said...

ohh i love this outfit!! this skirt is totally fabulous!!