Church Bazaars and $8 Treasures

Skinny Cargo:  H&M  I  Blouse:  Grandma!  I  Velvet Blazer:  Church Bazaar  I 
Heels:  BCBG Paris  I  Necklace:  Jenaveve - Forever 21

The last few weeks I've been wanting the cold to hold off for just another week.  NOW I wish it were cool enough for me to have worn this blazer all day.  I think it's simply amazing.  I threw it around my shoulders and added the shades for a "fancy-schmancy-I-live-on-the-upper-east-side" look.  I fit right in.  If only that bike chain necklace was actually a strand of pearls...

Back to the blazer:  It was one of those unexpected, rare finds.  You know the kind, where you go out to buy vegetables and happen upon a church bazaar where piles and piles of clothes are loaded up on tables.  So you go in, rifle around and end up walking out with a chocolate velvet Armani blazer for $7 and a REAL fur bolero for $8.  Yeah.  Those are the best kinds of days.   So, this is said velvet blazer.  I paired it with a boxy vintage top from my grandma and these new skinny cargo's (another trend I'm digging).  Sadly, the photos don't do the blazer justice, but you should know, I kind of feel like Prince (or TAFKAP?)  wearing it.  You'll see when I pair it with the pirate blouse I've yet to find.  Trust. 

Re:  The even lovelier $8 fur bolero!  She (or he?) has been at home, keeping my bodyform warm.  Every day it waits patiently for a new lining and the chance of being paired with a great pair of ripped jeans, 4 inch heels, a white tank and lots of sparkly jewels.  All in good time. 

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{ I V Y } said...

very chic, loving the cargos!