Bare Legs Still Work & She's Just Not That Into You

Skirt & Blazer:  NY&C  I  Whit Tank:  Forever 21  I  Saddle Shoes:  Bass  I 
Socks & Earrings:  H&M  I  Necklace:  Modcloth 

I finally figured out how to get all my images the same width so they line up beautifully.  One point for me!  Now all I need to do is learn that wakadoo html language and I'm set for life.  

It's still JUST warm enough to wear bare legs so I'm taking full advantage.  I had heels on earlier to rock the socks with heels trend (into it), but unfortunately on a quick Duane-Reade-run one of the heels broke right off.  SOB.  I was going to use them for my Halloween costume too.  Dang.  I had these saddle shoes under my desk and I think they work fine.  It gives the look a little youth.  Well, in addition to the Heidi braids.  Thanks Drew Barrymore in that He's Just Not That Into You movie that bugs the isht out of me.  I started doing up the braids after seeing the preview.  But seriously, how about a movie about HER not being into HIM.  I bet that happens more than the other way around, but that's another discussion for a different bra burning day. 


Melrose said...

*sigh* HTML, a skill that still evades me!
I love your saddle shoes & socks combo, I wish I could pull that off!

stacysaddleshoes said...

love your saddle shoes with the white socks.they are made for each other.wish I could wear mine to work with my white socks