Gray Dayz

Skirt:  Grandma  I  Top:  Urban Outfitters  I  Heels:  BCBG Girls  I 
Belt:  NY&C  Necklace:  Jenaveve's from Forever 21
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat

Another skirt from the G
'Twas cold yesterday, so I let the weather steer my selections and walked out with this  medley of 
gray on gray on gray + black
I kind of wish I had taken the FUR collar off of Jenaveve's new coat and
thrown it around my neck.  It's also gray.  Naturally.   

Thank god my grandmother gave me a bag of skirts cause I'm runnin out of laundry. 

This weekend shall be used ONLY for sleeping in and doing laundry.  And maybe cake eating
Weekend cake eating is great.  And I've got a box of Duncan Hines on my shelf.  Word. 

NOTE:  Should I happen to not get around to laundry this weekend?  Don't hold it against me if you see this skirt again next week, with like, an old NKOTB tshirt, or something.  You know you've been there. 

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

I wish my grandma gave me cool clothes. I'm way jealous and you look like you've got plenty to spare and we might be the same size so if you're running out of room in your closet have her send a bag of vintage goodies my way, k thanks.
Also, word on the weekend cake eating but more importantly SLEEPING IN. Did you know koala bears sleep for 22 hours a day?? I want to come back as a koala in my next life.