If it Got Any Greener...

Top:  H&M  I  Skirt:  Grandma  I  Coat:  UO  I  Heels:  BCBG Girls  I 
Shades:  Beacons  I  Belt:  Hallway
Photos:  Tommy Chilcoat

Remember back when I wore that crazy ass bright red skirt?  Well, this is it's counterpart.  Amazing no?  Once again, Grandma, you have both added some funk to my wardrobe AND kept the
chore of laundry at bay, yet another day.

So, I paired the skirt with this black A-line jersey dress/shirt. Not sure if you can tell in the photos but the sleeves are different lengths and there’s about an extra 3 inches of fabric along the left side of the torso.
Kind of like the wings on a flying squirrel. Except on one side.
Meaning if I WAS flying squirrel and I DID try to fly,
I’d probably spiral down, down, down OR maybe just fly in circles?

Either way, I love this piece because it’s different. Throw something on under it (to cover your booty) and some funky jewels over it, and you get unique look everytime.

Red, light, GREEN light.


Anonymous said...

It would be an understatement to say that I love your skirt. The colour is so perfect. :) Is this called kelly green btw?

Love from Toronto, Canada

Tiffany said...

the skirt is gorgeous, go Grandma! The second thing I noticed (first was the color) was the asymmetry- I love when people play with lines in their style.

Fancy Pants said...

Yes! Kelly Green. Fantastic right?
Thanks Gma!