Liza with a Z

Black Skinnies: NY&C I Jazzy Sweater: Beacons I Green Seuede Sling Backs: Nine West I
Swallow Bracelet: Gift from Jenaveve from Barcelona!

I fracked up and then got frustrated with the photoshop. I’m a newbie, (I’ve been using so don’t hate. Or maybe I should tell ME not to hate…on my own skillz.
Anyway – I was trying to fit these photos to screen (?) so they zoomed in, but when I did they got blurry.
I don’t know. But you get the gist.

I can’t get enough of this top. Glorious no? It’s so wonderfully 80’s tacky that it’ll go with anything!
I’ve already lined up 5 different styles. The possibilities are endless.

I’m loving the bun trend from Spring.
Though, I think mine needs to get bigger. The bigger the better!
 If you think so too click here.
Have you been to Beth's blog?  If your answer was no, you’re NUTS!
She’s fabulous. Definitely an inspiration.
I truly feel she is leading me down the path of GREATNESS.  

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Tiffany said...

I love the sweater, it's quintessentially 80's but you wore it in a way that seems very modern.